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    The First Working Days of the Immune System
    Breast Milk
    A Good Start in Life is Only Half the Battle?
    Mister Immunity
    Home of the Immune System
    What Do We Bring at Birth? Innate Immunity
    The Cellular Mosaic of the Immune System - Cell-Mediated Immunity
    The Mysterious Humoral Immunity
    How and Where Our Immune Memory Is Recorded
    What Is Inflammation and What Is its Purpose?
    What Does Cause Infectious Diseases? Viruses, the Villains
    Gorgeous Bacteria
    Will Cleanliness Save Our Children? The Hygiene Hypothesis
    Is the Environment to Blame?
    What Does Protect Mucous Membranes?
    The Invaluable Work of the Digestive Tract
    Why Does a Child Want to Be Sick?
    When a Runny Nose is an Unwelcome Visitor
    Is It Always Necessary to Be Afraid of Cough?
    Does Food Heal Us or Make Us Sick?
    Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema
    Allergy to Oranges and Candy
    Allergies - the Scourge of the Age. Why Are So Many Children Allergic?
    When the Bronchi Get Angry
    Why the Gut Is So Important
    Tummy Ache? Let’s Rush to the Hospital!
    Are We Afraid of Vaccines or Diseases?
    More Medicine - Less Disease?
    How to Toughen Up Your Body
    Do the Tests Tell the Whole Story?
    What the Future Holds

    Why children get sick and how we can help them