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    Paediatrics Module Textbook


    AutoriusCompiled by Prof. Rimantas Kėvalas. Authors: Dr.Virginija Ašmonienė, Assoc. Prof. Robertas Bagdzevičius, Prof. Nijolė-Dalia Bakšienė, Prof. Vidmantas Barauskas, M.D. Algirdas Dagys, Dr. Asta Dambrauskienė, Dr. Dovilė Grinkevičiūtė, Dr. Vaidotas Gurskis, M.D. Jūratė Kasparavičienė, Prof. Rimantas Kėvalas, Assoc. Prof. Artūras Kilda, M.D. Dalius Klimavičius, Assoc. Prof. Rūta Kučinskienė, Assoc. Prof. Jolanta Kudzytė, Dr. Rosita Kiudelienė, Prof. Liutauras Labanauskas, Assoc. Prof. Darius Leskauskas, Assoc. Prof. Giedra Levinienė, Dr. Dalius Malcius, Dr. Marija Marengolcienė, Dr. Jūratė Masalskienė, Dr. Valdonė Misevičienė, Assoc. Prof. Birutė Pundzienė, M.D. Eglė Ramanauskienė, Assoc. Prof. Sigitas Rinkevičius, Dr. Rūta Rokaitė, Dr. Šarūnas Rudaitis, Dr. Giedrė Rutkauskienė, M.D. Rasa Steponavičienė, Dr. Rima Šileikienė, Dr. Eglė Tamulevičienė, M.D. Daiva Urbonienė, Assoc. Prof. Laimutė Vaidelienė, Assoc. Prof. Astra Vitkauskienė, M.D. Aristida Ziutelienė, M.D. Migla Žėbienė
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    Paediatrics is an 8-week module of LSMU undergraduate studies comprising four blocks: Childhood Diseases (4 weeks), Paediatric Surgery (2 weeks), Child Psychiatry (1 week) and Genetics & Laboratory Medicine (1 week).
    These days, possibilities to access the up-to-date information are limitless. Yet at times the fundamental knowledge of the subject may be hard to extract from the plethora of sources.
    The latest multi-volume publication Childhood Diseases was published as a result of cooperation between Vilnius University Children’s Clinic and Kaunas University of Medicine Children’s Clinic (vol. 1 – 2000, vol. 2 – 2003, vol. 3 – 2004, vol. 4 – 2005, vol. 5 – 2007). It was a comprehensive study covering a vast variety of topics compiled for paediatricians of different specialties, paediatric surgeons, obstetricians and gynaecologists as well as for paediatric residency students.
    Neither Vilnius University nor LSMU had published a textbook for the paediatric module of undergraduate studies before.
    This Paediatrics Module Textbook is a result of cooperation among five LSMU units (Paediatric, Paediatric Surgery, Psychiatry and Laboratory Medicine clinical departments and Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine). In this book, future medics will find all the necessary material for the module and also references to deeper studies of every problem.
    I would like to remind my future colleagues that children are not little adults, and this knowledge is a must for future doctors of all specialties.
    I believe that doctors and residency students of other specialties will also find this book helpful when they need to remember and revise the main children’s health issues.